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One Day
One day we'll be together
without having worries of my family,
because thy can't control
my life forever.
They may still try to persuade me;
they don't want us to be.
But they won't be able
to take you away.
One day we'll be happy
when all they can do is talk.
They can't make me do anything
that I don't want to do.
Yet right now
they can make my life
a living Hell.
So all we can do
is though it out,
and wait for that
One day when we
can be together and be happy.
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cat with rubix cube by Squeaky-Scorpio58 cat with rubix cube :iconsqueaky-scorpio58:Squeaky-Scorpio58 43 11 a few of my friends by Squeaky-Scorpio58 a few of my friends :iconsqueaky-scorpio58:Squeaky-Scorpio58 0 0 amy lee desktop by Squeaky-Scorpio58 amy lee desktop :iconsqueaky-scorpio58:Squeaky-Scorpio58 1 0 screenshot by Squeaky-Scorpio58 screenshot :iconsqueaky-scorpio58:Squeaky-Scorpio58 0 0
Love: request
Without God's grace
in this place,
I wouldn't be able to think of anything but you.
I love you
so much
that I don't
know what to do.
When I see you
all other thoughts
disappear into the night
as I notice this bouquet of flowers you bought
for me.
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Father, help! I don't know what to do.
There's this guy, I need a clue.
He goes to church;
he knows of you!
He stays in the back
of my mind.
Even though he's black,
I wish he were mine.
He's real nice and careing;
bold and daring.
I love him, but want to know
what you want for me to do.
He's my friend,
but it's becoming hard
for me to stay sane
if our relationship stays the same.
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Cleansing: Request
I see a flicker of light
at first it gave me quite a fright
I hear the rain on the roof
so i decide to close the book.
I open the door
that faces the shore
to see that it's merely, just a storm.
I step outside to sit in the rain
in a swing, hung by a chain.
The lightning flashes
and the thunder cracks
as the rain pours down on me
I feel as  my sins were gone; I'm free
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I know she's falling;
I try to help.
I offer my hand;
she rejects.
It hurts to see
her reject what she
knows is right.
To see her chunk
Your care out of sight.
How do you reach her?
How do you get her attention
back on Christ our Savior and Lord?
She's my sister;
she's my friend.
I want what's best,
but she don't seem to care.
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I feel so rejected;
so alone.
I feel so abandoned
they're all gone.
Never before now
have I had a lunch
where there weren't a bunch
of folks around.
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God 3
Why did you
let me believe
those lies
that used to leave
me speechless?
You could have
let me continue
to die. With this world
that's without your word.
But instead
I'm not dead.
You saved me
from the fantasy
of this lost world.
Who else cares
the way you do?
I've searched,
and no one compare to you!
Everyone else would
have given up on me.
So if you would
keep me from the fantasy.
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Janeen 2
Sometimes i miss
her; sometimes I don't.
Sometimes I want to kiss
her, but I won't
bring myself to it
'cause it's bad for our spirits.
We were both convicted;
we both grieved.
So we agreed
that we were better off
if we weren't dating.
Now i crush
on her cousin.
I long to brush
his chin.
He lives two hours
away so i doube
we'll ever be.
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I can bearly hear
myself clear.
In this crowd
everyone's loud.
They cuss
they scream
and be mean.
I don't know of a class
that when they're together
that they are quiet!
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God 2
You created this world
with no flaws.
You created us humans
to be perfect,
but you gave us a free will
to choose our actions.
Adam and Eve fell
when they ate the fruit.
They were no longer perfect;
they disobeyed you.
We never really
take the time
that we should
to appreciate you.
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Me 2
Father, I'm falling
and see no end.
I'm enjoying
the music that playing.
I know i shouldn't,
but I do.
Also, I desire
things that'll put me
in the lake of fire
for enternaty.
But for my spirit
I endure it
I hate it
yet i love it
Ican't do it
without you
and you know it.
So I ask you
to rescue
from this lusty
way to be!
Only you can see
what I'll truely be
when I completely
follow you and forget
this world of fantasy.
:iconsqueaky-scorpio58:Squeaky-Scorpio58 0 0
Quietness II
For once this time
I can hear my rhyme
that has arrived
from the skies.
It's like I'm here
with some fear
that I'll fall in love
with the one so dear.
I'll miss her
like the fur
of the wolf
at the gulf.
I see now
just how
it's gonna be
for me.
I'll be that old lady
that lives in the shady
olk tree with all the cats
and a bunch of hats.
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but heck, i haven't been online for long at a time in a while. things are ok. but lately i been wanting to go back where i came from tho its not long til i'm over it.
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Crystal Elizabeth Knight
United States
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Favourite photographer: Adrienne Turner
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Personal Quote: life is like a rose; it's hard to grasp without getting hurt


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